Backup & Offsite Storage Solutions

Protecting What Matters Most To Your Business… Your Data.

We can help plan your environment so that you are equipped to execute your disaster recovery plan in accordance with your recovery tiers so that you can meet your recovery point and recovery time objectives.
For many industries a business continuity plan and its associated disaster recovery plan is becoming a requirement and not an option.  An increasing number of laws and regulations are now specifying or implying requirements to have disaster recovery capability in place.

Businesses are challenged with balancing the cost of adding disaster recovery capabilities to the infrastructure with the likelihood of an event.

Our Backup & Offsite Storage Solutions (BOSS) Provides:

  • Local Backups and Cloud-Based Backups To Redundant Facilities
  • Encryption At-Rest And In-Transit
  • Multi-Year Retention Option
  • Full System Snapshots Of Virtual And Physical Servers

Did You Know:
82% of CIOs report a gap between the level of data protection and availability provided by legacy systems and end-user SLA requirements.

Backup Benefits

  • Recovery Points As Often As 5 Minutes
  • Integrated Deduplication & Compression
  • Securely Access Your Systems And Data From Anywhere, Anytime And From Any Device
  • Local IT Support Combined With Enterprise-Class Cloud-Computing
  • Reduce Or Eliminate Expensive Hardware And Software Purchases
  • All Users On The Same Up-To-Date Platform
  • Integration With Public Cloud Platforms (Microsoft Azure And AWS)
  • Expert Migration Services To Move Your Data, Applications And Users To Our Cloud With Less Interruptions
  • Verified Recovery – Perform Automated Recovery Testing And Verification Of Backups To Ensure That The File Systems, Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server Instances You Back Up Will Be Recovered
  • Highly Reliable And Redundant Enterprise Class Computing Systems
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